About Our Firm

V. T. Regina & Associates was founded in 1981 to provide consulting services in two major areas: Healthcare organizations and companies in the high-tech industry. Having been involved with the medical community and with computerized medical applications since 1964, Vince Regina, the company president, saw a need for a more specialized counseling approach to support medical institutions in their search for methods to manage vast amounts of clinical data. To accomplish this, a consulting staff, made up of associate consultants, is utilized on a project basis. The staff is selected on the basis of experience, education, specialty background, and their ability to work with people.

V. T. Regina & Associates started by specializing in providing assistance with computer system planning with specific emphasis on clinical systems, i.e., Laboratory, Pharmacy, Nurse Station Order Entry, Cardiology, and Radiology. Over the past few years, we have increased our focus to include all of the major clinical areas including systems to support an Electronic Medical Record, Laboratory Automation Systems (LAS) and systems to support Public Health Laboratories and Communicable Disease Surveillance. V. T. Regina & Associates also provides assistance in the area of operations improvement with specific emphasis on  clinical laboratory services.

Over the years, V. T. Regina & Associates has developed and refined its consulting services and techniques. When a client engages us, we make a professional commitment to achieve a timely, definitive solution to specific management needs. At the outset of each assignment, we take the time to listen and gain an understanding of our client's business, organization, environment and objectives. This approach allows us to more appropriately define the client's needs and to better counsel our clients.

Our philosophy is that V. T. Regina & Associates is a resource to our client's management. Our charter is to provide programs and experience that give management the needed data and data analysis to set institutional policy, make sound business decisions and set overall healthcare delivery direction.

All programs are customized to meet each healthcare institutions needs and budgetary requirements. We design all of our projects in a series of phases. This is done so that they can be easily managed and allows our clients the ability to evaluate our services by phase, while building confidence in our future involvement on a project. Our fees are very competitive and it has been our experience and the experience of our customers that these fees are recaptured in the savings generated on each project.

We are proud of our growing reputation and our growing base of satisfied clients.